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Take advantage of Google Maps on your own page – using Google Maps Generator

The Google Maps Generator allows you to add a map to your website, giving your customers a simple overview of exactly where your business is located. The Google Maps Generator is particularly well suited for this because it is based on Google’s card service. Not only on Android smartphones and in the search in the browser, Google’s card service is a leader and has a gigantic set of route data for automobiles, public transport or footpaths. With the Google Maps Generator, you not only allow your customers to find your address more easily, but also allow you to plan your route without ever having to leave the form of your website. To add Google Maps to your site, Google Maps Generator requires only a few clicks.

How to create and embed a map link

In a few simple steps, you will also get the simple script code that you can embed into your page. This requires no programming skills, the Google Maps Generator formats the link in a form that only needs to be embedded in the code of the website. These tools can also be accessed by larger sites when they provide a map to locate the site.

Technically, this is quite simple: Type the address into the search field that should appear in the map field on your page.

Select the type of map you want to appear on your page. You can choose the classic map, the satellite view or the hybrid version (satellite view with street names and traffic points). Decide prudently for the map view that best suits your company and with which your customers will most likely find you – usually this is the usual map view.

Specify the width and height of the map window. The optimal dimensions depend strongly on how you want to embed the card into your page. Embedding in the sidebar requires considerably smaller dimensions than embedding on a dedicated underside.

Then click the “Generate Code” button.

The Google Maps Generator now generates the script code for you. Select the complete code and copy it to the clipboard of your computer by clicking on “Copy” in the context menu or by pressing CTRL + C (on the Mac cmd + c) with the text selected.

The text is now in your clipboard. Go to the HTML level of the desired website and paste the text there. To do this, right-click on the desired location and press “Insert” or paste the text with the key combination CTRL + V (on the Mac cmd + v). Keep in mind that you can paste the text at different places on your page, not just the Landing Page, including Bottom Pages, Contact Pages, or Widgets, which are a great way to embed a Google map.

Google Maps on your own page – that’s why you need Google’s map service

Already now more than 400,000 websites worldwide on Google Maps. On the computer, smartphone and tablet, Google Maps is undisputedly the number one card service. Additional services like Street View make it even easier to find the destination with Google Maps and even larger companies rely on the maps of search engines.

Many smaller Google services are also based on the grid of Google Maps, which includes finding the direction of the sky with Google Direction, Google Transit’s local traffic information, and also querying demographic data. All this makes Google Maps such a complete map application on the net – the free model and the wide-spread distribution do their utmost to ensure that your customers will find you safe on Google Maps. Embedding on your own website is crucial to keep your visitors as long as possible. Nothing is more frustrating for customers than leaving a page just to query a banal information such as the address. You can easily save your customers by finding an integrated service on your site.

Very easy to generate a Google Map

And thanks to the Google Maps Generator, customers are still on their side, but they are working in the Google Maps system, where they can zoom directly to your home address, set waypoints, or explore the street, property, or store through Google Streetview From the outside.

Maps in the ecosystem – connectivity is the key word

Google Maps is not just a map you place on your website. Many companies simply integrate a corporate design map onto their site, thus maintaining a coherent look. Google Maps, however, provides connectivity and wireless collaboration between different end devices, making it easy for customers to look up your address, set up waypoints, and then follow them directly on your smartphone. The visit to you is no longer dismantled unnecessarily, but develops into a single, positive user experience that is tailored to the wireless life of your customers.

The Google Maps Generator is the digital signpost for your business

So, complete the experience of your website by embedding Google Maps. The Google Maps Generator encodes the right script for your page’s HTML code and gives you full control over the key parameters, such as the layout and size of the embedded map. This means that you not only offer your customers an additional service but also keep them on your side for longer. No coding or programming knowledge is required. Your address is all you need, the rest is done by Google Maps Generator.

This extra comfort can be crucial when you want to compete and help your customers get on their way to your business.